Will working remotely improve your life?

No. Working remotely will not improve your life. But it opens up new opportunities that can.

Two of the most common opportunities are traveling and caregiving. With a remote job, you can earn money while traveling the world or while caring for someone in need.

Each of these opportunities are deeply fulfilling. Traveling opens your mind. By experiencing different cultures, you realize that one way of living is not better than another. They are all just different. The same goes for the people that make those cultures thrive.

As for caregiving, it’s a selfless act that decreases the amount of narcissistic thoughts in your head. This can provide more clarity into what matters. Instead of producing negative energy in the form of useless thoughts, you’re helping someone live better. This, in turn, helps you live better.

Another reason to want to work remotely is to escape the toxicity of office politics. However, not all offices are toxic. The ones that are toxic are run by people who care more about how long you’re in your seat than how much value you’re providing.

If you’re in a toxic work environment, I recommend applying to both remote and non-remote jobs at companies that have positive cultures. Work culture review sites like Glassdoor and Comparably can help you determine if a culture has a positive or negative vibe.

When you work for a company with a positive culture, working in an office or outside an office doesn’t matter as much — so long as you don’t have other aspirations that require working remotely, like traveling.

Think working remotely is right for you? Learn how to get a full-time remote job with the free course.

Think working remotely is right for you? Learn how to land a full-time remote job with the free course. 🌴

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