Get Help Landing a Full-Time Remote Job

I’ve landed three remote jobs in my career and can help you land your first. My help is for people who have more money than time to spend and want to get a remote job sooner than later. (If you have more time than money, take the free course.)

How much does my help cost?

$500 plus $200 per interview

What do you get?

What does the process look like?

It’s straightforward.

During Week 1 we chat about your skills and experience and what type of company you want to work at. I create your digital resume, portfolio site,  job board profiles, and job tracking sheet.

After that I find and apply to remote jobs on your behalf and get interviews lined up. I’ll apply to 5-10 remote jobs for you each week. Expect one or more to respond back.

Do I guarantee interviews?

No. But I also don’t charge you if no interviews are received.

How do I know if you get an interview?

Honor system. Plus it will be in your best interest to tell me. I’ll research the company, the recruiter, and the hiring manager in-depth and tell you what to say during the interview to make it to the second round.

Serious about working remotely and want to get started? Shoot me a note at